Welcome to the official home of SuperCoin!

Launched on June 12th 2014, SuperCoin has already proven to stand the test of time.
What separates us from the rest of the cryptoworld?


SuperCoin is truly anonymous, blazing fast and tried and tested!

Don’t believe us?
Understandable, talk is cheap so why would you?

Better yet, just try for yourself!
Head over to the downloads page, install the wallet, let it synch, get some SUPER from one of our great exchanges, transfer it to your wallet and send it out again.
Then try to follow it via our block explorer over at cryptoid:


Technical specs

PoS (20 second block time)
<1 minute transaction times
0.0001% transaction fee for anonymous regular transactions
1% transaction fee for anonymous SuperSend transactions
5% PoS return
20 sec PoS block time
Diff retarget each block for PoS
Minimum hold for PoS: 1 day
Maximum hold for PoS (over which coin-day no longer accumulated): 60 days

Technical whitepaper on SuperCoin/SuperSend can be found here: